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About the Princess... really want to know about lil' ol' me? Please send me email if there's something specific you want to know!

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In the meantime, I'm a 32 year old Gemini who is living happily ever after with the love of my life!!... I work on my own PartyLite business (Please email me for more information on how you can get your candles free or make $100 or more a week doing what I do.) and temp occasionally to try and support myself and my cats, Gloria and Audrey.

I like misty, rainy days (when they're not too cold), sunsets, snuggling under the covers to read distracting books, and eating pixie-stix!

I prefer to dwell on the positive side of situations, and don't like conflict, labels, and ignorance. But I'd rather avoid them than fight about them. I believe happiness and contentment are some of the more important things in life, and I believe the meaning of life is love. Once you've let that pass you by, the best idea is to try not to hurt anyone else on the rest of your journey.

Although I don't especially like to dance, I remember when I used to love hanging out at the bar and people watching. Now reality has a tendency to intrude on my fun..I'm not getting any younger, and many of the people I would hang out with have moved onto the next stage in their life, if you know what I mean (even if you don't know what I mean :)

Please, tell me where to go from here. Maybe...If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!! If you've read this far and don't like it, that's your own fault!

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