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3 November 1999

Omigoth!! Do you ever have the oddest coincidence that you so totally don’t expect, happen! I feel like that’s where I’m at right now, and it’s positively surreal! Okay, I know, enough of the exclamation marks…but I’m still pretty freaking out right now!

I made a new friend tonight. Someone who is working part-time (but leaving) the place where I used to work (and now do part-time). Anyway, she was talking about living right near a certain intersection. We were really surprised to find out that I used to live right near the very same intersection. As the conversation continued, we found more and more similarities. Mostly simple stuff…same age group, both single, friends marrying and moving on, job changes…general things that weren’t necessarily a surprise, but provided a basis for possible friendship. We kept talking till I offered her a ride home (since she otherwise would’ve had to catch the bus). Since I used to live near the same area, I knew it wasn’t far, and I also knew how much I would hate to have to ride the bus.

When we came to the intersection closest to her house, I asked which way to turn. When she told me left, I started telling her that we were going to pass where a guy I used to go out with used to live. Turns out, we didn’t pass it. She lives upstairs where another friend of mine used to live, and the guy and I frequently hung out. Actually, it was a pretty significant part of my life, and holds many fond memories. So I promptly started flipping out! Omigoth! I threw up in your toilet (just what she always wanted to know, I’m sure)!! I was so surprised that I started confirming the layout of her apartment, like maybe the house looked the same on the outside, but was really in a different city on the inside…

I don’t know if I’m happy or sad about the whole thing. Just freaked out. Basically, it was a part of my life that contributed a lot to who I am now. It just amazes me to no end that reminders seem to pop up all the time. I guess I’m happy about it, but it’ll probably influence my dreams tonight, and I’ll wake up longing for the ‘good ole days’ tomorrow.

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