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13 December 1999

The holidays have got to be the completely suckiest time of year to be single. Even couples that know they're gonna split right after new years are happy in public for the holiday rush. Yuck. It's like rubbing it in. So I try to stay busy...

Went holiday shopping with my dad and brother yesterday. The thing that stands out most in my mind seems really wierd. We went to lunch and, as luck would have it, my favorite new chapstick ended up flushed. You just can't rinse off chapstick and reuse it. I was bummed. I knew no one would want to go back to the crowds at the mall to replace my silly chapstick. But dad did. I said never mind, no big deal. But he just pointed out it'd be easier all the way around since they could wait in the car (and not have to park) while I ran in. That is, oddly enough, my warm, fuzzy memory of the day. It seems frivolous in print, but little things really do mean a lot.

Sorry I haven't put anything up in a while (if anyone notices :) ). Life just creeps up sometimes. I'm hoping to make more time for it in the future, since I quit taking classes next term and quit working at the worst retailer in the mall (but I'll still have to shop there!)

Which brings me to my negative rant for the day...these morons! At the store where I had worked since March, left me in charge of 'keeping an eye on' and training new employees hired for the holiday rush. While doing the employee sales I see paystubs..And they were paying the new kids (there less than a month and only for the holiday) a quarter more an hour! When I called to tell them why I wouldn't be coming in anymore, the witless manager said 'okay, bye' and hung up! If anyone wants to know what store NOT to work at in my area, email me.
G'night now...hope your holiday dreams are coming true..

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