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14 November 2000

Wow! Almost a year goes by! I've gotten busy, after having problems with only being able to access someone else's file manager for a while!

Had my cat, Babu, put to sleep yesterday :( Very sad. The people at the Humane Society were very nice. He was peeing in the wrong places - for about 4 years - and I finally decided I want to live like a human being! I had already had different vets check him for anything that would physically cause this, and he had been on valium for a few months, but it just wasn't working. Sorry if I sound like I'm trying to defend my decision. I miss my cat, and that's exactly what I'm trying to do. To you and myself.

So, last May I started taking classes toward my BBA. It's a one-year program of 16 quarter credits every term, till graduation next June! I will receive my BBA in Human Resource Management.

I've actually held down the same job for over a year! This is some sort of record for me! hehehehehe And I somewhat enjoy it from time to time!
Have a fabulous day, and hug your cats for me!

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