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Kingdom Klutter

These are just some other links I like or feel are useful, that don't fall into any of my previously determined categories.

CASUAL LINKS (as opposed to the 'SERIOUS LINKS')

BoB (Best of Boards)
The best resource for direct sales consultants - especially candles (P_rtyL_te) and Country Bunny Bath & Body!
Free Online Readings!
Tarot, Runes, and much more!!
Virtual Presents
Gorilla, anyone?
Lemonade Stand
A really fun simulation game-running your own lemonade stand!
Game Shows
Play Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune, or a few others! It's fun!
Cedar Point, The Amazement Park!
I love going to Cedar Point!
WomenFest -A Day For and About Women
A tradition! My mom and I have been going to WomenFest for the ten years or so it's been around. It's in Livingston County, Michigan on a Saturday in the spring each year. Check it out!
Michigan Renaissance Festival!
In Clarkston (near Holly), Michigan...
Always a great time! Be sure to see the Ded Bob Show, and Just Joe!


An enlightening, not entertaining site I link to in memory of my best friend, Colleen.
A wonderful site with lots of links and information regarding psychological 'issues' (abuse, depression, that sorta stuff!)

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