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PrincessBecki's Kingdom

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Hi! Following is a brief tour of my page. The last item is the most important, a list of my favorite links! Hope you can find something here that may assist or entertain you as well!

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My eBay listings...

PrincessBecki's Poetry Page
Poetry by myself and others, famous and not! Yours could be here too!
About the Princess...
Everything you never wanted to know, or aren't afraid to ask!
A Few Royal Retailers
A few shops I've used and been pleased with, for your convenience - let me know if I've missed your favorite!
My hobby - not the easiest thing for a single chick to wrangle together! I've also done a few books as gifts, and I'm working on one for my company (that I work at, not that I own...)

My Swell List of Links

These links are (of course) subject to change at anytime, based on what I may find interesting each day :)
If you have comments regarding any of these links (be polite, please) or suggestions for others, email me!
Music Links
Music can tell a lot about a person. Here's some that I like, and where to get it!
The Royal Library
When I'm not reading assignments, I enjoy reading for pleasure. Here are some links to my favorite authors, and suggestions from myself and others.
Gothic Stuff
Never mind the pink background you're looking at now, these are some of my favorite pages.
Pagan & Wiccan Links
These are some of the most beautiful sites I've found!
Kingdom Klutter
Random Links that don't fit into any of those other categories!

Hmmm...Rowan Sterling had this site for graphics when I first threw this site together back in '98. She now has a site here, but no graphics available!

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This page last updated 22 February 2005.