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16 October 1999

Hmmm....Happy Sweetest Day, eh?

Do you ever feel like there's a second coming of age? Okay, so that's from that new show Wasteland (ABC, Thursday night, 9pm), but doesn't it strike a cord?

Maybe it's part of my Gemini-ness, but my life is very consistently inconsistent. My apartment is in a constant state of disarray, I usually don't have the attention span to maintain a romantic relationship...and yesterday I quit another job. How successful does all this make me? Will I ever find my groove? I'd probably get bored if I did.

So now I'm going from a medical-type office with over 100 employees coming and going, to a small business office where I'll be the third full-time employee, till one more comes back in December. I think it's the change I crave more than the money (which is never enough, right?)

On another note, I sort of blurted out to my mom today that I'm pagan. My mom is one of my best frieds. She really didn't take me seriously, and just made some passing comment about the end of the world and me being left behind if I say I'm not Christian. I mean, c'mon! I'm 27 years old. Have some faith in my ability to make decisions. My familiarity with her religion is pretty in-depth. My parents brought me up going to church, private school, I even taught Sunday School when I was in high school. But now I've decided that isn't the path for me. Well I didn't expect her to agree or approve, I would've appreciated the respect of being taken seriously, and not just being looked at like a kid going through a phase. that off my chest :)

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