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18 October 1999

What a completely contradictory day! Itís beautiful out! I had to do some contract work at another office, and I saw a guy who had the most gorgeous eyes! He took my breath awayÖItís good to remember I can feel that way.

It feels good to write again. I donít know why I quit for a while. Now Iím trying to forget anyone else may read itÖanybody out there?

Iím still appreciating all the new love in my lifeÖIíve had my boy cat, Babu for most of his 3 year life (though he did have to stay with his grandma & grandpa for a while). I got him a little sister, Gloria, just a couple weeks ago. Sheís just over 6 months old. They make me very happy.

My other new toy is this! My computer. So far, so fun! Even taught my mom how to use Yahoo so we can chat. Welcome to technology, eh?

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